About us

JNRB colored socks are stylish designer socks created by Slavic designers. That is why we have so many beautiful socks with Slavic patterns. All socks are fully designed and customized at our facility in Florida. JNRB sock collections are constantly replenished. Premium JNRB socks represent only the highest quality cotton, only the most fashionable colors and tons of designs and patterns for any taste and wardrobe.

At the online JNRB.STORE you can buy socks from the JNRB brand in its full splendor. Geometric socks, striped socks, polka dot socks, floral socks, socks with animals, novelty socks, strict socks, funny socks, socks for any holiday, socks for any mood – all color palettes, hundreds of unique prints – it’s all about JNRB socks.

JNRB colored socks are great funny socks for all occasions or celebrations. You can buy JNRB socks for yourself and surprise everyone around with prints and colors of your socks from JNRB.. or... you can give JNRB socks as presents to your relatives and friends, and in general - to someone special. Why not? First of all JNRB socks are beautiful. Second JNRB colored socks are beautiful and practical at the same time. They charge a good mood, look elegant on feet and last for a long and happy time. JNRB socks are made from the best combed cotton, which keeps bright colors for a long time, nylon - for strength, especially on the heels and toes, and spandex - so that the socks easily fit the legs and hold firmly. Elastic cuff securely and carefully fixes socks on the leg so that you feel only comfort* in your shoes and give only a great pleasure.

The composition of JNRB colored socks has been tested by time and thousands of feet of colored socks lovers. Colored, bright designer JNRB socks are made of 80% excellent combed cotton, 17% nylon and 3% spandex.

Colored JNRB socks are perfect for business wear and casual style. They can be worn to work, at home, for a walk, to a party or even for yoga. Always and everywhere in bright, colored JNRB socks you will look irresistible and unforgettable! These socks please the soul and eyes of those who wear them, and those who look at them. Be charming, beautiful and original in colored JNRB socks!