Size guide

Adult socks size guide

Finding the perfect pair of socks is rather simple. The lion's share of all men wears socks with size L-XL. Most women prefer socks size S-M. There are exceptions! But in most cases, the size of socks is determined in this way.

Adult socks size guide
Sock Size S-M L-XL
US Men Shoe Size 41/2-71/2 8-12
US Women Shoe Size 51/2-91/2 10-121/2
EUR Shoe Size 36-40 41-46

Kids socks size guide

In our JNRB.STORE you can buy socks for kids from 2 to 9 years old. All kids socks are sold in a set of two pairs of the same size. And for each set of kids socks from two pairs, you can choose men's and women's socks of exactly the same color. Well, or almost the same. Beautiful colored kids socks will inspire you to buy socks for the whole family. After all, they can make an amazing family photo shoot. Family look in matching colored socks is invaluable!

Kids socks size guide
Sock Size (Age) 2-3Y 4-6Y 7-9Y
US Socks Size 61/2-71/2 71/2-8 81/2-91/2
US Shoe Size 8-91/2 11-131/2 11/2-31/2
EUR Shoe Size 24-26 28-31 33-35

Women's bikinis and t-shirts size guide

JNRB Women's bikinis are dream panties made of fabric of the highest quality. The ideal composition of the material – cotton (92%) with the addition of spandex (8%) - will give comfort and celebration to your body, and funny and fashionable prints - joy and cheerfulness! Thanks to cotton, JNRB bikini will be surprisingly natural and pleasant, and spandex will allow underwear to carefully fit your figure and always keep a beautiful shape. All bikinis and women’s T-shirts are presented in four sizes: XS, S, M, L. Make sure you have chosen the correct size. JNRB Women's T-shirt will become your favourite T-shirt in the wardrobe! These T-shirts have an amazing comfortable high-quality tailoring and materials that only can dream of in the wildest dreams! The combination of cotton (92%) and spandex (8%) is a must-have for every self-respecting fashionista!

Women's bikinis and t-shirts size guide
Size Numeric Waist (in) Hips (in) Bust (in)
XS 0-2 241/2-251/2 34-35 32-33
S 4-6 261/2-271/2 36-37 34-35
M 8-10 281/2-291/2 38-39 36-37
L 12-14 31-321/2 401/2-42 381/2-391/2

Men's boxer briefs and T-shirts size guide

The JNRB boxer briefs are short shorts that fit snugly enough to the body. Boxer briefs are made of high-quality fabric (92% cotton). JNRB boxer briefs not only fit comfortably to the body, but also beautifully emphasize the silhouette. Thanks to high-quality tailoring, you feel great in JNRB boxers! All boxers and men’s T-shirts are presented in five sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL. Make sure you have chosen the correct size.

Men's boxer briefs and T-shirts size guide
Size Waist (in) Chest (in)
S 29-31 37-39
M 32-34 40-42
L 35-38 43-45
XL 40-42 46-48
XXL 44-46 49-51

Gender-neutral pajama pants size guide

JNRB brand pajama pants are unisex they fit for both men and women. JNRB pajama pants are made of 100% high quality cotton. They are loose and do not constrain movements, pleasant to the body and the eye, as they have beautiful, colored prints. Comfortable JNRB pajama pants give an indescribable feeling of comfort, coziness and guarantee a good rest. JNRB pajama pants are very comfortable, high-quality and beautiful in these pants the body immediately relaxes and literally falls into a trance.

Gender-neutral pajama pants size guide
Size Waist (in) Hips (in) Length (in)
XS 261/2-28 35-361/2 41
S 281/2-30 37-381/2 411/2
M 301/2-311/2 39-401/2 43
L 32-33 41-44 44
XL 32-341/2 45-49 45
XXL 35-36 491/2-51 46

Masks size guide

JNRB face masks are unisex. Masks run one size fits most: dimensions are 6.5 x 4 inches.