What size are your socks?

Finding the perfect pair of socks is rather simple. The lion's share of all men wears socks with size L-XL. Most women prefer socks size S-M. There are exceptions! But in most cases, the size of socks is determined in this way.

Adult socks size guide
Sock Size S-M L-XL
US Men Shoe Size 41/2-71/2 8-12
US Women Shoe Size 51/2-91/2 10-121/2
EUR Shoe Size 36-40 41-46

To select a size, click on one of the options. When clicked, the desired size will change color to white.

In our JNRB.STORE you can buy socks for kids from 2 to 9 years old. All kids socks are sold in a set of two pairs of the same size. And for each set of kids socks from two pairs, you can choose men's and women's socks of exactly the same color. Well, or almost the same. Beautiful colored kids socks will inspire you to buy socks for the whole family. After all, they can make an amazing family photo shoot. Family look in matching colored socks is invaluable!

Kids socks size guide
Sock Size (Age) 2-3Y 4-6Y 7-9Y
US Socks Size 61/2-71/2 71/2-8 81/2-91/2
US Shoe Size 8-91/2 11-131/2 11/2-31/2
EUR Shoe Size 24-26 28-31 33-35

What lengths do your socks come in?

JNRB socks come in lots of different lengths. Here are all the varying lengths of JNRB socks:
Crew socks: This is the most common length of socks. This height falls in the middle of the calf and pairs well with any shoe. They’re very comfortable for day-to-day wear.
Ankle socks: Standing just a couple inches above the ankle bone, this style is popular among men with trendy sneakers and women who like a cute look with flats, heels or sandals.
Knee highs socks: Knee high socks are popular among women looking for a real statement accessory. Whether these funny colored socks are peeking out above tall boots or proudly worn with a pair of shorts or skirt, they are sure to be noticed.
Over the knee socks: These socks are popular among women in the cooler weather, over the knee socks can be worn by sock lovers who want to show off their long legs in funny colored socks.

What are your socks made of?

JNRB socks are made of 80% Excellent Combed Cotton, 17% nylon, 3% spandex

Where are your socks made?

JNRB socks are produced in Moscow by slavic manufacturer where only the highest quality cotton and only the most fashionable colored yarn are used. JNRB socks are fully knitted on circular knitting machines which create the complex patterns of colored yarn we have

How should I wash my socks?

To gain the maximum amount of life out of JNRB socks we recommend you follow these instructions:

Product washing instructions

Wash the socks on gentle with cold or warm water (not above 40С or 104F) and mild detergent then hang dry.

What is your policy on returns & exchanges?

We want you to be happy with our JNRB socks! If you have questions or problems with your purchase please email us buy@jnrb.store.

Purchases made on JNRB.STORE may be returned for a refund or exchanged within thirty (30) days of purchase date, but only under the following conditions.

What are your payment options?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. Payment policy here.

Is your website secure?

Security is very important to our customers and to us. Our website is using SSL over HTTP (also known as HTTPS) encryption by default to protect all website-customer transactions.

What is your privacy policy?

We care about your privacy! We carefully guard any information you give us. Personal data is strictly for internal purposes only. JNRB.STORE never sell or rent your information to anyone. You can read our full privacy policy here.

How long an order is processed?

Orders are usually shipped next business day after the day we have received the payment for the order. Orders are not processed on weekends and U.S. holidays.

Once your order ships, we'll send you a shipping confirmation email with tracking number.

What is your shipping policy?

We ship our JNRB socks to all U.S. States. All orders are shipped with USPS. You can find our full shipping policy here.